I am so tired of men
I am so tired of myself
I am so tired of my body/every single thing

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"One feels transgressive for not enjoying as much as others, for not being unique enough, or disobedient enough. Yet, it is not the inability to be disobedient and full of enjoyments that makes us obedient: what makes us obedient citizens is our feeling guilty for being unhappy. Being unhappy itself came to feel transgressive to us. This happened because any relentless strife for happiness, which was formerly seen as transgression, is today perceived as obligatory. This is the super-ego dimension of the command to enjoy, which is never simply an explicit rule or pressure but an injunction that is implied by our very freedom: one feels guilty for not making the most of one’s privileges today."

andre vantino.

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des ark - I got a new dress, I can’t wait to show it to you

darlin’ do you really want this war?
to be honest, 
I don’t think you should invite it
I been fightin’ off this anger all my life
and the truth is I ain’t got the will to hide it like I want